Little paper may still exist as part of your patient’s medical record; however, that small percent could very well be the critical piece to eliminating missed submission drop-dead dates or reducing your DNFB. Read more to learn how STAT Informatic Solutions’ scanning converts paper into electronic images in just hours post discharge and the significant impact it makes to your bottom line.

Alleviate the burden of in house logistics while maintaining the consistency of same day delivery with STAT Informatic Solutions’ Courier Services. We understand the importance of transportation of your healthcare information and materials. Click to learn what other benefits STAT Informatic Solutions -Courier Services may bring to your organization.

Coding is an essential part of your facility’s revenue stream. STAT’s Coding Solutions has a team that is fully certified, highly trained and broadly experienced offering you the capabilities and competence to handle any level of coding. Whether looking to supplement your current staff or fully outsource, STAT Informatic Solutions will provide the resources you need.

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