No matter how large or small your conversion needs, STAT’s solutions to move your company to a digital environment are the critical components to bring greater efficiencies to your workflow.  STAT will help your team eliminate time wasted looking for information in old school formats.  Read more on how STAT can transform your work world to a digital environment.

STAT’s Record Retrieval Service Solution provides the most efficient and user-friendly environment to ensure new patient information is obtained for the providers to quickly aid patients with the most up-to-date information. Click below to learn more on how to arm your patient access team with world class software and services.

STAT Informatic Solutions offers off-site secure, climate-controlled storage where all of your files, documents, microfilm and microfiche are professionally organized and can be accessed and returned in a digital format within minutes. STAT will box, manifest and transport all information with the highest level of security. If moving your stored information to a digital environment is in your future, STAT provides all the services to convert your information when the time is right. Read more on our secure storage services.

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