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Company History*

Company History

STAT Imaging Solutions was founded in 2007 by Brian Verhagen (President/CEO), Adam Henderson (COO), and Rosaira Acosta (CBO) based on their experience and expertise of document management in the healthcare industry. They recognized the need and importance for a document management company that truly understood the business side of healthcare and how vitally important it is to get the information to the stakeholders in the most timely fashion. The company changed names in 2017 to STAT Informatic Solutions to more broadly and accurately reflect the service offerings of Enterprise Content Management, Release of Information, Revenue Cycle Management, Courier Services and Coding Solutions. STAT Informatic Solutions provides service exclusively to healthcare and truly understands and focuses on the revenue cycle component of record management.


June 2007 – STAT Imaging Solutions was founded with a single imaging account in Naples, FL. Shortly after, a few other accounts in Naples and Jackson, MS were brought on.

June 2008 – Contracted with a large hospital system in Orlando for imaging services more than doubling our revenue and overall size.

January 2010 – Signed a large corporate contract acquiring 60 new accounts that were successfully rolled out in the following six months.

March 2011 – STAT began archival storage and scanning of records per client request.

November 2012 – STAT started ROI (Release of Information) services that were immediately rolled out to 72 accounts.

July 2013 – Contracted with one of the nation's largest hospital groups in the United States for ROI Services.

April 2015 – STAT began Portal Services, now a part of Revenue Cycle Management, working primarily with the VA (Veteran’s Administration).

January 2017 – STAT Imaging Solutions changed its name to STAT Informatic Solutions, and also increased service offerings to include Courier Services and Coding Solutions.