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Keeping your files secure

STAT Informatic Solutions’ Compliance Program demonstrates the commitment of our practices as directly related to creating, receiving, maintaining and transmitting protected health information (PHI). Our team is held to the highest compliance and ethical standards with a commitment that permeates all levels of our company.

In this era of complex healthcare regulations, we ensure the highest quality of customer care and service. STAT continuously monitors new legislation, movements and regulations to safeguard our practices in adherence to applicable Federal and State laws. We are committed to educating our team members with the highest level of knowledge and competence as specialists in their area. STAT’s Educational Program consists of a thorough initial training, re-training, educational modules, and sessions provided throughout the year. Quality Assurance (QA) processes identify areas of improvement, leading to additional safeguards, immediate counseling, and educational sessions. Continuous Quality Assurance offers benefits throughout the workflow to guarantee we produce the most accurate work.

STAT has implemented a Breach Notification Process in accordance with HIPAA*, illustrating our commitment to transparency to provide our Business Partners with notice of all unauthorized use and/or disclosure of PHI.

*HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and  Accountability Act of 1996

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