STAT Informatic Solutions


On Time, Every Time

STAT Informatic Solutions is dedicated to the success of each customer, every time.  Our service offerings include complete Document Management, Release of Information, Record Retrieval including audits and risk assessment, Courier Service and Coding Solutions.  We are committed to providing our services better, faster and more economical than anyone else in the business! 


STAT Mission

Our Mission is to exceed our customer's expectations every day. It’s not enough to deliver today and not tomorrow. Our clients and their patients depend on STAT Informatic Solutions for the seamless, timely delivery of information necessary for them to conduct their business. STAT Informatic Solutions delivers critical information vital to patient care, serves to better overall patient experience, and streamlines the process in which they create invoices, pay bills, and receive payment adding overall value and profit to their bottom line. We make the commitment to provide our imaging, release of information, revenue cycle management, courier, and coding services better, faster and more economical than anyone else in the business. To do this, we create a culture that defines the compassion and values each proud employee adds to our customer’s measured success via:

  • Improved patient care through the secure, timely and accurate delivery of patient health information.
  • Improvement in the customer experience our client provides its patients and their loved ones.
  • Regulatory compliance with accrediting entities as well as state & federal laws.
  • Improved revenue cycle management and increased client profits.

Every STAT Team Member makes the commitment to deliver our services to each customer on time, every time. When we meet these obligations, we ensure the success of our company and yours.

Record Retrieval 

Document Management

Courier Service

Coding Solutions