STAT Informatic Solutions

Document Conversion

Satisfying the void in achieving a complete EMR.  STAT Informatic Solutions provides seamless integration of your paper records to your EMR promptly and accurately. 


Designed to fit your needs

Our workflow is specifically designed to prioritize our client's primary objectives and is completely customizable to their needs.  Our state-of-the-art technology allows end users a comprehensive tool with capabilities to track, view, and report records in real time.

Unmatched Turnaround Time

STAT understands the financial repercussions paper records have on a healthcare organization's revenue cycle.  We guarantee the fastest turnaround time in the industry and have the record to prove it. 

Scanning offerings

Day Forward Scanning
STAT converts your remaining paper feeds daily into electronic images integrated directly within your existing EMR in just hours improving continuity of care and reducing turnaround time to your coders, reducing your billing cycle.

Point-of-Service Scanning
Scanning paper at its point of origination allows instantaneous turnaround, greatly improving continuity of care and significantly reducing your billing cycle.  STAT offers state-of-the-art portable work stations equipped with self-sanitizing keyboards designed to minimize cross-contamination.

Back-file Conversion
Eliminate storage costs or create revenue generating space by converting your historical records to your EMR or our storage server.  Digitized records improve user access and provide a variety of search functions increasing overall patient care.

Scan records directly into your EMR or our storage server on an as-need basis, reducing large up-front scanning costs.

  • Reduce Discharge Not Final Billed (DNFB) under 72 hours
  • Eliminate CAPEX, reoccurring maintenance costs and contracts
  • On time submissions of time-sensitive reimbursements
  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround, often hours sooner
  • Prioritization of high dollar discharges
  • Integration within EMR
  • Real-time tracking of record from floor pick-up to EMR integration
  • Provided metrics and analytics
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Increase overall acceptance of your EMR
  • Improve profit margins

Record Retrieval 

Courier Service

Coding Solutions