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STAT Record Retrieval Services is a fast and reliable way for you to save time and money.  Your record retrieval requests are created and tracked through our cloud-based proprietary software, STATrack, to give you instant access and real-time updates. With no monthly fees, you are able to use our service on demand or as your primary retrieval source.


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Our main focus is to make your job easier by alleviating the administrative burden of retrieving, storing and organizing medical records, allowing staff to focus more on their day to day operations.  We use our own patented system called STATrack, a portal custom designed to give you instant access to your requested medical records.  STATrack allows you real-time access and complete visibility into the progress of record retrieval.  Our staff is able to view all transactions and analyze for areas where improvement is needed to alleviate delays and denials.  Our system sends immediate email notifications to key members of your staff regarding any status changes to your request.

No matter where your firm is located, we are able to receive your request within 24 hours.  Our highly trained U.S. based specialists are available 24/7 and work diligently to get your records STAT and create custom solutions to any situations that may arise.  Our team of experts can reduce your record retrieval turnaround time from weeks to days.  We offer express upload from over 100 facilities and provide minimum disruption and inconvenience to providers, increase record retrieval yield and provide optimal cost savings while obtaining your medical records.



STAT understands the importance of transferring your medical records quickly and securely, that’s why we take proper security measures to protect the transfer of your medical records ensuring full compliance with healthcare industry standards.  We want you to have a peace of mind knowing your records are being transferred and stored professionally and securely by our HIPAA certified staff and zero downtime server.

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Here's how STAT Record Retrieval works

Our workflow is designed to fit the needs of both the clients and the providers


Submit your medical record request through our secure online STATrack portal. It’s as easy as entering your client’s information; We will handle all legal documentation so you're not required to understand the different legal requirements for medical records retrieval across different states.


Using our vast database consisting of healthcare professionals, our retrieval staff begins to prepare the necessary paperwork, sends your request to the appropriate provider within 24 hours and then follows-up every 2 to 3 days until we obtain the medical records to fulfill your request. With our real-time activity tracking and 100% transparency, you are able to access the online portal and tracking tools to view the status of your records at any time, day or night.


After retrieval of your medical records, we upload them onto our HIPAA-compliant online portal, STATrack. Upon completion, you will receive an immediate email alert informing you that the digital record is available where you can view, print and save them at any time.  As an option, we will copy to a CD or send hard copies.  We combine all associated fees and prepare one integrated and automated invoice when the records are ready to be eDelivered.  Once the invoice has been paid, the records become viewable on the client’s portal.

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